Connection Action - Nonviolent Communication booklet cover imageThe Connection Action Project
participates in cultural transformation through action.

We offer the following programs:

The Deep Listening Street Team acts to directly confront the ambient disconnection in our society by deploying dedicated noncommercial spaces for people to be heard without being advised, interrogated, diagnosed, charged money, etc. Street Team members empathically connect to the feelings and needs underlying the speaker’s expression. Our work is guided by the principles underlying Nonviolent Communication, as conceived of by psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

Current Events Conversations This social form provides facilitated spaces for people to  share information about political, economic, social justice, health care, agricultural, environmental and cultural events from the news or from our communities. We support transformation of our feelings of overwhelm, fear, stress and mourning in the face of today’s challenging reality. We also seek to acknowledge and celebrate conscious, courageous and creative responses as they emerge and to find collective spiritual connection for sustainability.

Mediation We offer empathic mediation helping Individuals, families and organizations work through conflicts and confusion around subjects such as social, sexual, community, economic and political challenges. We create safe spaces and facilitate conversations that get to the heart of the matter and find common ground for careful agreement crafting and plans for follow up.

We have organized Deep Listening Posts, Current Events Conversations, and mediations in family and community settings including at the Berkeley Farmer’s Markets, at protests, and on the University of California-Berkeley campus.  The Connection Action Project has co-sponsored events with Transition US, Charles Eisenstein, California Students for Sustainability, and The Conscious Network.

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