Vulnerability and War

My late grandfather’s girlfriend just sent out a Zionist email, as she often does. I didn’t want to hear her at first, but I wanted to want to hear her. I eventually softened in the remembrance that our willingness to be vulnerable is what will end all wars.

When we can say to each other, “Help me.  I’m struggling.  I’m scared. I want to care for myself, and I don’t know how to do it,” people on both sides of every war will lay down their arms in an effort to move toward one another and lend a helping hand. That is how I can hear the Zionist message. I hear her saying, “I am so scared that my people are alone and unloved, and I want support and safety for us all.”

Marina Smerling, 

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One Response to Vulnerability and War

  1. Serena Nova says:

    Marina’s post speaks directly to all human suffering as I see it, be it the outer war or the inner war that exists in the mind of an individual. My heart continues to be touched by Marina’s truth for it is my truth too.

    Thank you Marina for your heart, your love, your compassion and your “wanting…”